Lena Ott

From: Allentown, PA

Resides in: New York, NY

IG: @lenaott

Influences: Laurie Foley, who in one word embodies 'seamlessness,' and is akin to watching a classical, master artist at work. I apprenticed with Laurie when I moved to New York in 2001. She introduced me to the balayage technique -- just one small example of her varied skill set -- and I haven't touched a foil since. I also learned from French colorist, Stephan Pous, who traveled to Bumble and Bumble to teach his style of balayage. Laurie and Stephan are pioneers of the technique, with two distinct and completely different approaches in their texture and placement. I took what I loved from each and developed my own individual style.

Motivation: It's hard to describe. Hair--color in particular--is such an emotional thing. When you hit that right combination of colors (hair, skin, eyes, clothing, etc.) it's such a special effect... I love when this happens!

Motto: "If you're gonna do it, do it right." -my dad.

Mauricio Bermudez

From: Miami, Florida

Resides in: New York City

IG: @bermudezcolour

Influences: Orlando Pita, Laurie Foley, my father

Inspiration: I draw inspiration from art (museums, and especially street art.) I'm inspired when I travel to exotic destinations--specifically beach destinations and when I'm on the beach and the sun is setting. Music inspires me, rhythmic patterns, beautiful voices, and clever lyrics. My teammates inspire me.

Favorite Quote: "As you think, so shall you become." -Bruce Lee

Dream Client: Marylyn Monroe - to me, she is the ultimate platinum blonde. Jessica Rabbit - she is the most amazing redhead. Mila Kunis - she always has the smokiest hues of brown.

Cara Craig

From: Richmond, Virginia

Resides in: Jersey City, New Jersey

IG: @caralangcraig

Inspiration: The big picture, the small, small details, and everything about the process in between. Once connections are made conceptually, most anything can inspire me. I love geeking out about how people do things. There is so much value that can come from either being extremely specific, or going rogue with your process. Also inspiring – plants, flowers, and the ocean. And people who are passionate about what they do— they always give me energy.

Motivation: My family history and their work ethic keeps me motivated. My life has been full of supportive people and I'm determined to make them proud. I can get very meditative about doing my job. I believe there is power in acting with intention, from the smallest to the largest gesture. One painted highlight, when done with love and intention, is beyond beautiful.

Motto: Take care of business!

Travis Speck


Resides in:

IG: @tjspeck

Karly Cerrone

From: Buffalo, NY

Resides in: New York, NY

IG: @karlycerrone

Neil Grupp

From: Palos Heights, Illinois

Resides in: Brooklyn, New York

IG: @neilgrupp

Influences: Duffy, Eugene Souleiman, and Malcolm Edwards.

Inspiration: I get my inspiration from the streets of NYC and traveling to London and Milan for Fashion Week— wherever my eye travels, I get inspired.

Motto: Life is a hair party!

Favorite Quote: “The secret of greatness is simple: Do better work than any other man in your field and keep on doing it”. - Wilfred A.

Jordan M


Resides in:

IG: @hairjordan

Q&A coming soon…

Amy Farid

From: Wichita, Kansas

Resides in: Beacon, New York

IG: @therealamyfarid

Inspiration: People, the way they dress, the way they do their hair and makeup. In NYC, the subway is a cornucopia of the multi-cultural, young and old, locals, implants, and immigrants. I like seeing people in that environment. They’re on their way to work, school or just to hang out with friends. Hairstylists inspire me as well. Art is also a very important part of life. Frida Kahlo, Gustav Klimt, Willem de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Salvador Dali, David Yawman, Georgia O'Keefe and Egon Schiele are a few favorites. Movies are very inspirational, too. I enjoy recreating a character for cinematic, still pictures. I find the following directors masters of the film game: Pedro Almodovar, David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch, Lars Von Trier, Stanley Kubrick, and Wes Anderson. They provide us with compelling characters with great hair!

Favorite Quote: "He whose face gives no light, shall never become a star." -William Blake

Dream Client: I would love to have done Frida Kahlo's hair. More than actually do her hair, I would have enjoyed watching her do her own hair. She had really long hair and would do these beautiful braids and tie them up on top of her head. Frida would put flowers in her hair, too, which is one of my favorite things.


Full-time apprentice wanted! We are looking for customer-centric individuals who would be excited to work in a high-end, artistic setting. Salon/similar experience preferred, but not required. Position requires great people skills, confidence, and a team-oriented work ethic, as well as weeknight and Saturday availability. If interested, please submit inquiries to

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