It’s safe to say natural-looking ombre and French balayage techniques are the long lasting color techniques that are here to stay. There’s a whole culture around natural looking hair, in the salon and on the runway…  so what’s on the other end of the spectrum? 

“We really want to elevate colored hair,” explains colorist Cara Craig of the Wallflowers photography exhibit that debuted last week at Suite Caroline Salon in SoHo. “We wanted to present hair color in a whole new light.” 

And they certainly did. After being in their salon environment for a mere ten minutes, I found myself wanting to chop off my long locks and color my mane. I seriously could have sat down in a chair at that moment and completely surrendered to any of the Mane Masters behind the chair at Suite Caroline. Which made me realize, isn’t that the way a salon is supposed to feel? And why after being in a salon nearly my entire life, have I never experienced that sensation before?

Lena Ott, founder of Suite Caroline and colorist to the stars, art directed, conceptualized, and colored the manes for this whole shoot in one week and shot it all with photographer Ryan Michael Kelly in one day. They showcased four colored manes – pink, purple, blue, and green – on real women, in a very relaxed state that took this idea of “lived-in” hair to a whole new level. In a place like New York where the cultural norm is the “I-don’t-care-what-you-think” look clothed in black, color is usually seen as nothing but a trend. The Wallflowers exhibit made it very clear to us that that is no longer the case. With hair stylist and fellow salon member Amy Farid on board, and makeup artist Robert Greene, the shoot definitely showcased a very natural perspective to bold, bright hair colors being accessible versus alternative. 

Suite Caroline has only been open for just short of two years now. While this exhibit was dripping with shades of color from the manes of guests down to the salted rims of our margaritas, it was simply too successful to stand alone.

Details aside, this event was more than a statement, it was a call to action. We’re excited to see what else Lena and the SC team has up their sleeves in the years ahead. Be sure to swing by the salon to view The Wallflowers and join the colored mane movement. 



Vision and Clorist: Lena Ott @lenaott

Photographer: Ryan Michael Kelly @ryanmichaelkelly

Styling: Amy Farid @therealamyfarid

Colorist: Cara Craig  @caralangcraig

 Makeups: Robert Greene @greenerobert

Suite Caroline Salon @suitecarolinesalon



Mint: Erin Victoria Axtell @erinvictoriaaxtellart

Pink:  Colleen Rochette @colleenrochette

Neon Green: Sarah Bergneheim @bergferguson

Brunette: Raquel Nave @Raquel_Nave

Blue: Cara Craig @caralangcraig

In an effort to provide the safest environment possible for our clients, Suite Caroline has implemented the following health and safety regulations.