I'm obsessed with this guy Christophe Robin, he makes the best products. The Cleansing Mask is so good, I could wash my hair with it every day and it wouldn't strip it. When I was doing press for Z: The Beginning of Everything, [the stylists would use] all of this different stuff and it would make my hair so gross, so I'd use the Cleansing Mask every day with the Regenerating Mask or the purple one for blondes. I have very dark hair naturally, but I'm blond now. I wear wigs, but I'd always wanted to be blond, and I have Lena from Suite Caroline do it. She's the blond whisperer. I'm obsessed with the color, and it feels so healthy.

This is my other favorite thing—Sebastian Potion 9. I've been using that since I was 13 years old. If you mention it to a hair stylist, they'll be like, 'That's from the '70s.' My whole family uses it. It's a leave-in conditioner treatment and it's the best product ever. It dries hard, and so if your hair is damaged or frizzy, it doesn't let the frizz happen. Then when you run your fingers through it it just holds whatever position it dries in. It's incredible. I'll use that and add in the Christophe Robin Moisturizing Hair Cream, because I worry about damage. I also cut my own hair. I use a hair cutting razor—I think that's what it's called? I practiced a good amount.

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