Hair Stylist Amy Farid

Braids are my favorite hairstyle, and here’s why: They’re the oldest and longest-lasting hairstyle, worn by every culture, from ancient times to present day. They’re timeless and perfect for every occasion!

1 Instead of a roller set, do braid sets. Spray a texturizing or sea salt spray into the hair, braid and then let the hair dry. When you take out the braids you will have the most perfect mermaid texture!

2. It’s easier to braid dirty hair… awesome if you don’t have time to wash your hair. Spray in some dry shampoo and start braiding away!

3. Dry shampoo and sea salt spray will help hold your braids. You can “dirty up” clean hair with these products so your braids stay together.

4. Backcomb the hair instead of using an elastic or rubber band to hold the braid. After braiding, back comb the ends with a tail comb and add hairspray to hold.

5. Braids can be worn anywhere… whether it’s a dressy event or casual day out, a braid is always appropriate!

6. Messy braids are the best! Buy some bobbie pins or hairpins and have fun trying out different styles!

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