Full Highlight: $432

Partial Highlight: $357

Face-Frame: $282

Single Process or Base-Break: $200

Single + Highlight: $550

Tint-Back: $385

Double Process Touch-Up: $396

Gloss: $110


Inspiration: The big picture, the small, small details, and everything about the process in between. Once connections are made conceptually, most anything can inspire me. I love geeking out about how people do things. There is so much value that can come from either being extremely specific, or going rogue with your process. Also inspiring – plants, flowers, and the ocean. And people who are passionate about what they do— they always give me energy.

Motivation: My family history and their work ethic keeps me motivated. My life has been full of supportive people and I'm determined to make them proud. I can get very meditative about doing my job. I believe there is power in acting with intention, from the smallest to the largest gesture. One painted highlight, when done with love and intention, is beyond beautiful.

Motto: Take care of business!

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